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Expert Accuracy

Experts sure know a lot, don’t they? There are experts on how to use your household appliances (less soap is the advice now), how to set up your wireless network (be sure it’s password-protected) and how to manage your personal and business resources (have a plan but be flexible). There are experts on getting your kids involved in show business, how to train your pet (dog or dragon) and coaches to help you improve your business skills.

We tend to listen to all these experts because A—they have a wealth of knowledge and experience on their topic, and B—we’ve learned that experts should be respected. There is an awful lot of expert advice out there about all kinds of topics. With all the experts out there, who do you listen to? And who do you trust?

Those are personal questions with personal answers—not everyone will like or listen to the same experts. But there are a few expert pieces of advice that seem pretty standard and well-accepted. Like floss regularly…whether you like your dentist or not, flossing helps keep your teeth healthy. And find ways to keep in touch with business associates and prospects, whether it’s a quick email to say hi or regular get-togethers to keep your network strong.

Then there’s the advice that you should be sure to review your bills each month. All of your bills: credit cards, utilities, memberships, everything. This is an important one—you can catch mistakes, figure out if your account is being used fraudulently and just generally ensure your own piece of mind. But how many people follow this advice and actually review their bills each month (other than me)? Probably very few.

At TelePacific, we encourage you to review your monthly invoice to be sure everything is accurate. Our OneCentral billing portal allows you anytime, anywhere access to your most recent account activity and invoices, so you can monitor your account usage and costs at any time. We’re proud of our 99 percent invoice accuracy, and our responsive customer service is ready to address any issues. All of this helps you make sure your account is just as it should be, and customize your service to best fit your needs.

But don’t take our word for it…listen to the experts, our customers. And other experts, like your dentist. Really, they just want you to have good oral health. And that can’t be said for every expert you may encounter.

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