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This year, you’ve heard a lot from us about the philosophy that underpins our ‘Three Cs” value proposition of connectivity, cloud and continuity. When we talk about developing and delivering services under these umbrellas, and freeing you up to focus on your business instead of ours, we are making a commitment that, to us, is deeper than just being a service provider. We’re methodically developing products – both individually and in compatible product sets – that are designed not only to take away many of your IT and telecom burdens, but to deliver technology-based solutions that can give you a competitive edge.

For example, we deliver the marketplace’s only true ‘Ethernet ecosystem’ solution because to us, Ethernet everywhere means everywhere you have locations, not just everywhere we happen to have fiber. This is not a trivial difference between TelePacific and our competitors—70 percent of commercial buildings in the country do not have access to fiber connections. So, while we have Ethernet-over-fiber for your locations near fiber centers, we also have developed Ethernet-over-copper, Ethernet-over-TDM and Ethernet-over-Fixed-Wireless solutions for all of your other locations. Our Ethernet product set is built around you, not us.

It’s with this philosophy in mind that we are introducing Contact Center for TelePacific Hosted PBX. Just as our Ethernet ecosystem’s approach to anywhere, multiple ways to connectivity frees you from the constraints of fiber availability to access market-leading services, Contact Center frees you from the geographical restraints that come with running your own contact centers. It reduces the need for office space, letting operators work remotely and enabling them to respond instantly to fluctuating call volumes from different offices, their homes or other remote locations – a capability that can remove the need to staff a boiler room operation or outsource service overseas. Since Contact Center with integrated call queuing is instantly scalable via an easy-to-use user interface, you can turn call demand responsiveness into an effective, just-in-time process that maximizes the use of our resources while enabling consistent customer responsiveness.

Here are the “with you in mind” advantages of Contact Center:

Savings: Since Contact Center is cloud-based, it offers a much lower total cost of ownership than premise-based solutions. There are no equipment, software or integration costs, which delivers savings right up front but also through the elimination of ongoing maintenance costs. And if you factor in the potential office space savings that Contact Center can deliver (location routing, remote workers, etc.), the potential economic benefits far exceed the direct costs associated with the technology itself. It’s truly a next-generation solution.

Scalability: You can turn up agents instantly, giving you increased power over your operation’s scale— not just for dealing with spikes in call volume, but the ability to grow your own business operations with unprecedented flexibility.

Reliability: Since Contact Center is a TelePacific solution, it’s backed by carrier-grade reliability and redundancy that far exceeds premise-based solutions. In fact, because calls can be rerouted during office outages, Contact Center delivers redundancy to your own operations as well.

These are just a few of the benefits of Contact Center. Your TelePacific account representative will contact you to detail all the ways this innovative new product can help you stay ahead of your competition.


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