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Security and “the New Normal”

The observation that “the cloud is the new normal” has permeated the landscape as we move into 2015. If you haven’t made the leap to the cloud, we can help you do so safely, securely and cost-efficiently—just reach out to your TelePacific representative and we’ll make it happen. If you have adopted cloud services already, congratulations on being ahead of the curve!

In either case (adopting or already adopted), security has become a major concern this year. On-site security failures are far more common than failures in the cloud, but digital security failures generate headlines, so security is front-and-center for business owners and IT departments. We found this tip-sheet from SearchVirtualDesktop for creating a more secure cloud desktop environment and thought it was worth reviewing with our customers, along with some of our own insights.

Don’t believe the hype: As we mentioned above, many more information attacks occur on-site. In fact, clouds are usually more secure than traditional IT systems. The difference, of course, is that breaches with major cloud providers can impact thousands of users, which generates headlines. The article also points out that most hackers don’t care about most companies’ data (it’s unspoken in the article but the point is that an on-site attack is clearly focused on that one particular company whereas a cloud attack is a shotgun approach).

Pick a provider you trust. This is a big part of how we became involved in the cloud and security services at TelePacific. In fact, even though we have roots in connectivity, cloud and continuity make up two full parts of our connect, cloud and continuity value proposition. We partnered with and sourced best-in-class solutions to deliver our customers the strongest available cloud and security services.

Work your SLA. The point of this is to attach some sort of remedy for service provider failures as many providers do not offer SLA-level protection for uptime and security. We’re going to toot our own horn on this one – since you work with TelePacific, you’re covered. We back our services with market-leading SLAs.

Only host desktops and applications that make sense. We couldn’t agree more on this front. We provide a wide range of business-ready cloud services to our customers so we can take away as many day-to-day operating headaches as possible, but we can’t offer every feasible app for every industry.   Moreover, if you’ve got ultra-secret data that begs for targeting (e.g., government, pharmaceuticals, etc..), whether or not to use the cloud for certain instances requires careful, case-by-case evaluation.

Only allow certain workers to use cloud desktops and apps.   Just as you would limit certain workgroups with access to certain files and information on-site, controlling which workers have access to which cloud applications can limit your risk profile in the cloud. When a worker needs a desktop, you can call up that instance until the project is completed, and then you can delete the instance.

We deal with network, cloud and data security every day, and are happy to help you make sure you’ve got a strong plan in place for your activities in the cloud. Contact your TelePacific Representative today and we’ll be happy to set up a consultation.

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