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Three Reasons the Cloud will Dominate Your Company’s IT Future

We’ve been talking an awful lot about cloud services lately, and there’s good reason for that. You’re our customer and we don’t want you to fall behind in competitiveness under our watch. Cloud is so important to your future, in fact, that we made it one of our three service pillars (the “three Cs” of cloud, connectivity and continuity) and developed a services platform comprised the most rock-solid, reliable cloud services in the market.

We must confess, however, that this was more about forward-looking strategy than a leap of faith. Many signs point to a cloud services future. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are three trends pointing to why the cloud will dominate your company’s IT future, and why you should be adopting today:

1. Your company’s using the cloud more than you realize. This isn’t the first time we’ve pointed this out, but new information from cloud analytics firm Netskope reveals that IT departments are unaware of most instances of cloud adoption in their firms. The odds are very high that at least one cloud application somewhere in your business (and probably more), has become an essential component in a vital business process.

2. Your competitors are using the cloud already. If it’s happening in your firm, it’s happening with your competitors. The question is who’s going to get their arms around cloud adoption first, eliminate redundancies and develop best practices in order to gain competitive advantage. As your supplier and business partner, we’re rooting for you to ride the wave rather than paddling along behind and trying to catch up.

3. Tablet adoption is off the charts. Apple has a knack for getting in the last laugh. When the iPad was released, the jokes ranged from “It’s an iPhone without a phone that’s too big for your pocket” to whether or not it was named after a feminine hygiene product. Apple, many believed, had finally made a misstep. Now, just four years after its launch, the tablet market (in which the iPad is the tip of the spear) is the fastest growing technology in history, according to IDC. Tablets are tailor made for the cloud and remote applications, and with them on pace to start outselling PCs in the year 2017, demand cloud services in all enterprises – including your own – will increase significantly as more and more employees become tablet adopters.

Your success is important to us and we make it easy to get your arms around your cloud services. Call one of our specialists today.


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